Custom Sleep Ear Plugs

Benefits of Sleeping Ear Plugs

  • They won't fall out during sleep
  • They're comfortable because they're custom made
  • Eliminate the sound of your snoring spouse
  • Helps you achieve REM Sleep Cycles by reducing sound
  • They last for five years or more!

Please read the terms and conditions prior to completing your purchase. All of our custom ear plugs, earphones, and adapters require an impression to be made of each ear at a licensed Hearing Aid Center or Audiology Clinic. Click here to find out more. Earplug size and colors shown in pictures may not be available for every earplug. Please use the colors in the drop down box to select from the colors available. *Read our 60 day best fit guarantee.

Can't sleep? Try our comfortable sleeping ear plugs!

Many people suffer from lack of sleep due to sensitivity to sound, a snoring spouse, or an assortment of other noises that can prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. If you're one of these individuals then custom sleeping ear plugs might be a great option for you.

Why use our sleep ear plugs?

Our sleep earplugs are customized and made to be as comfortable as possible while providing the maximum amount of noise reduction. We accomplish both comfort and sound reduction by taking deep ear canal impressions (or you can send us one from your local Audiologist or Hearing Aid Center) which will ensure a snug fit. Then we hollow the outer canal section (concha) of the ear plugs to make them flexible enough to lay on a pillow. The result is comfortable sleeping ear plugs you can wear all night long!

As we all know, a good nights sleep makes a huge difference in our over all health and well being. If you have sensitivity to sound when you're trying to sleep, a snoring spouse, a noisy neighborhood, or travel a lot, try our comfortable sleeping ear plugs for 60 days risk-free*. We're confident you'll love your sleep earplugs or your money back!

Why You Should Be Using Custom Earplugs for Sleeping

Is noise keeping you up at night? Are you struggling to get a full night of restful sleep? If you can't sleep because of snoring, loud noises, and other distractions, you should strongly consider wearing sleep earplugs.

Earplugs can reduce the amount of sound that enters your years. Any noises around you won't seem as loud or distracting. In many cases, you won't even be able to hear these sounds at all.

How Do Sleeping Earplugs Work?

There are several different types of earplugs that are safe to use for sleep. One option is expandable foam ear plugs. These small plugs are designed to be inserted partway into your ear canal. Once they are in place, they expand.

Another common type of earplug are plugs with a cone shape. These plugs do not expand when inside the ear. They should gently be pushed further toward the ear canal so that they will provide better results.

When using earplugs, it's important to remember that they won't entirely block out all of the sound around you. They will simply noticeably reduce sound. If a fire alarm were to go off during the night, you should still be able to hear it.

The Benefits of Earplugs for Sleep

In addition to helping you get more sleep at night, earplugs offer numerous other benefits, such as:

  • It helps you get more sleep: Experts recommend that adults get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. If noise is keeping you awake, that might not be possible. With earplugs, you'll be able to drift off quickly when you settle down to sleep.
  • It improves sleep quality: When you use earplugs, you'll have fewer distractions when you're sleeping. You'll be able to get restful, high-quality sleep night after night.
  • It can boost your immune system: Your body recovers while you're sleeping. Getting a full night of sleep every night will improve the function of your immune system, which means you'll be better equipped to fight off illnesses.
  • It can help prevent weight gain: You aren't going to magically lose weight when you improve your sleep habits but sleeping with earplugs in can help you to maintain your weight. If you don't get enough sleep, your body will start to produce a hormone called ghrelin, which increases your appetite.
  • It can improve your heart health: Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for both men and women. To keep your heart healthy, you need to get enough sleep at night, which is why you should start using earplugs if you're not sleeping enough.
  • It can elevate your mood: You're likely to feel crabby and irritable if you're tired throughout the day. When you start sleeping with earplugs, you'll be less likely to snap at people and more likely to be in a great mood throughout the day.
  • Your mind will be sharper: It's hard to focus when you're tired, and that can have an impact on your memory. When you're getting restful sleep every night, you'll be able to think clearly and recall information quickly.
  • It can make you more productive: Have you ever struggled to get something done because you were too tired? Earplugs will allow your body to get all the sleep it needs, allowing you to accomplish more during the day.

If you're having sleeping issues, our custom sleeping earplugs might be the solution that you've been searching for. The right earplugs will allow you to sleep deeply and peacefully throughout the night. No matter what type of earplugs you use, this is a solution you should strongly consider.

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