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What Clients Say About Us

“I was only recently diagnosed with hearing loss and, given I'm in my 30s, it was quite a shock to me. I had a million questions and Justin (the owner) patiently answered them all, easing my concerns. The hearing aids I ended up buying have been really useful, helping me out in social situations and at work. And I've been back to have them adjusted, and Justin was able to make minor changes to them to make them work even better."


Ian W.

(Santa Cruz, CA)

“Outstanding on all levels!  Justin is knowledgeable and informative in a way that makes understanding the complexities of hearing aids reasonable for a lay person...  Justin was extremely patient in working with [my mother]. He definitely goes the extra mile to ensure that hearing aids are optimized, comfort is realized, and that it stays within the budget you have agreed to. Truly a local business owner who embraces the true spirit of community business - knows his product(s) thoroughly; knows his customers likes/dislikes/needs; and delivers consistently. Thanks Justin!”


Nancy H.

(Santa Cruz, CA)

What Is The Listening Stack?

We get this question all the time and the shortest response is

"We customize your ears to your life" but here's a more detailed


We specialize in custom molded and/or tuned devices for your ears. A few examples would be recreational and commercial earplugs, amateur and 

professional in-ear stage monitors, custom earphones for music, and hearing aids. We also make custom molds for most off-the-shelf products like Bluetooth devices or existing earbuds.

That's a description of the products we provide or make, but what we really strive for is an enhanced expression of sound as it relates to you individually. Whether you surf and you want to protect your ear canal, have a hearing loss and want to enhance your hearing, or you love music and want to enjoy your favorite songs, we provide the best experience possible, guaranteed!