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Free Hearing Test & Evaluation in Santa Cruz, CA

Free hearing evaluations and other services:

The Listening Stack has been servicing the Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas for over seven years and continues to improve products & services offered to patients. Whether you need a free hearing test, digital hearing aids, hearing aid repair services, or custom earplugs, The Listening Stack can help! Our free hearing test includes a full video otoscopic evaluation of the ear canal (to determine if there's ear wax, ear infection, etc.), a free hearing screening or full test (determined at time of appointment), and a free hearing consultation based on the results of the test. You'll leave our office knowing everything you need to know about your current hearing ability and general outer ear health.
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Free In-Home Hearing Care:

The Listening Stack also offers free in home hearing care, on the first visit, for our patients who are unable to leave their home, don't have a ride to our office, or simply can't make it into our office for other reasons. Call us today if you think you need in home care and we'll set up a free consultation right away.
*We do not perform medical evaluation.