Concert Earplugs

Protect your ears without losing the live music experience!

Utilizing advanced acoustic filter technology, Dynamic Ear's custom filters have been tuned to reduce volume yet maintain sound quality across the frequency spectrum that matters most to musicians and concert goers. The result is a comfortable and transparent listening experience for amateur & professional musicians as well as recreational concert patrons.

Industrial or Commercial applications

If you're looking for a reduction of sound in an industrial environment such as a job site, factory, or any other loud work environment then check out our Impulse customs. They're specifically designed for commercial use.

NRR Range: Different levels of attenuation with these filters, click on the filter size to read the spec sheet for that filter. 

DE-12 - Less reduction at low frequencies and more at high frequencies, the most natural sound, but also the least protection.

DE-17 - This filter is more flat in it's sound attenuation.

DE-25 - Maximum protection with good low, mid, and high frequency protections

Impulse w/Toggle - This filter has a toggle on it which allows you to open or close the sound bore. Perfect for construction or factory work where you need to hear voice and communication, but you also need a good protection level. Very diverse, but not really made for music.


Please read the terms and conditions prior to completing your purchase. All of our custom ear plugs, earphones, and adapters require an impression to be made of each ear at a licensed Hearing Aid Center or Audiology Clinic. Click here to find out more. Earplug size and colors shown in pictures may not be available for every earplug. Please use the colors in the drop down box to select from the colors available. *Read our 60 day best fit guarantee.

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