Custom Sleep Ear Plugs

Can't sleep? Try our comfortable sleeping ear plugs!

Many people suffer from lack of sleep due to sensitivity to sound, a snoring spouse, or an assortment of other noises that can prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. If you're one of these individuals then custom sleeping ear plugs might be a great option for you.


  • They won't fall out during sleep
  • They're comfortable because they're custom made
  • Eliminate the sound of your snoring spouse
  • Helps you achieve REM Sleep Cycles by reducing sound
  • They last for five years or more!

Why use our sleep ear plugs?

Our sleep earplugs are customized and made to be as comfortable as possible while providing the maximum amount of noise reduction. We accomplish both comfort and sound reduction by taking deep ear canal impressions (or you can send us one from your local Audiologist or Hearing Aid Center) which will ensure a snug fit. Then we hollow the outer canal section (concha) of the ear plugs to make them flexible enough to lay on a pillow. The result is comfortable sleeping ear plugs you can wear all night long!

As we all know, a good nights sleep makes a huge difference in our over all health and well being. If you have sensitivity to sound when you're trying to sleep, a snoring spouse, a noisy neighborhood, or travel a lot, try our comfortable sleeping ear plugs for 60 days risk-free*. We're confident you'll love your sleep earplugs or your money back!

Please read the terms and conditions prior to completing your purchase. All of our custom ear plugs, earphones, and adapters require an impression to be made of each ear at a licensed Hearing Aid Center or Audiology Clinic. Click here to find out more. Earplug size and colors shown in pictures may not be available for every earplug. Please use the colors in the drop down box to select from the colors available. *Read our 60 day best fit guarantee.

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