Specialized Shooting Ear Plugs

If you're looking for maximum hearing protection for your ears, MAXprotect is the best option for you!

Best suited for any environment with excessive noise, our MAXprotect shooting ear plugs are rated at the highest level of in-ear hearing protection for custom earplugs, up to NRR -29 dB*. Some over-the-counter ear plugs boast NRR levels of -33 dB, you'll only get that level of reduction if the ear plugs are inserted to the proper depth and have no gaps or leaks. The likelihood of that happening in the real world is low.

MAXprotect shooting ear plugs are custom molded with a deep ear canal impression which ensure you receive the same dB reduction every time you use them! This makes them much more reliable and a better option if you want to consistently protect your hearing (i.e. for job sites, factory work, ear plugs for shooting or hunting, etc.).

Our MAXprotect shooting ear plugs are ideal for maximum noise reduction during target practice, blinds, and all hunting activities. Normally ear plugs for shooting are either bulky ear muffs (terrible on a hot day and to big while in the bush) or fall out during head and jaw movement. The MAXprotect shooting ear plugs are ideal for all day comfort and a consistent seal for maximum noise reduction. No universal ear plug can match the extended wear comfort of our MAXprotect shooting ear plugs, guaranteed! If you find better ear plugs for shooting than our MAXprotect ear plugs then please let us know and we'll either return you ear plugs and give you a full refund* or we'll work on your MAXprotect shooting ear plugs free of charge to make them better!

Need to hear speech while protecting your ears? Try our MAXprotect with Toggle Filter in order to control the amount of sound you hear! Simply leave the toggle open to hear speech or close the toggle to add additional protection. Even with the toggle open the filter will protect your ears from impulse sounds (door slamming, gun blast, etc.). Our MAXprotect w/toggle are a employee favorite when it comes to ear plugs for shooting, construction, mechanic work, etc. They're one of our best!

*actual ratings depend on the ear canal depth, size, and shape.

Please read the terms and conditions prior to completing your purchase. All of our custom ear plugs, earphones, and adapters require an impression to be made of each ear at a licensed Hearing Aid Center or Audiology Clinic. Click here to find one near you. Earplug size and colors shown in pictures may not be available for every earplug. Please use the colors in the drop down box to select from the colors available. *Read our 60 day best fit guarantee.

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