MaximalPower Radio Adapter RHF 617-1N 3.5mm

Paired with out custom Police Radio Adapters, the MaximalPower Radio Adapter converts electronic sound to mechanical sound with a in-line speaker and 3.5mm jack. Check your radio requirements, but most Motorola and other popular brands work well with this low cost, durable adapter.

  • 100% compatible with all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Fits two-way radios (audio only), radio speaker mics, remote mics, MP3 players, and other audio accessories with 3.5mm earphone jack; headset includes hearing protection and sound press certification
  • Reinforced earphone clip provides cable retention and eliminates strain on earphone.
  • Output level: 72dB, Rated input power: 0.1W, Maximum input power: 0.2W, Output impedance: 32 ohms.
  • Polyurethane jacketed, Heavy Duty Material, Superb Audio Quality, Rugged Design.

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