Hospital Readmission Rates with Untreated Hearing Loss

Hospital Readmission Rates with Untreated Hearing Loss

May 14, 2019

In the Sept 2018, a news release from researchers in New York University (NYU) was posted in the Health and Medicine Education and Social Sciences area which relates an increased rate of hospital re-admission for those who suffer from hearing loss. Because re-admissions create greater costs, hospitals are always eager to understand how to reduce the number of re-admissions.

The study found that “among those who were hospitalized, subjects with difficulty communicating medical personnel had a 32-percent increase in the likelihood of being readmitted within 30 days, compared to those who did not report difficulty.” “People with hearing loss often have difficulty understanding speech in noise and stressful situations." said Jan Blustein, MD, PhD, professor of health policy and medicine at New York University’s Robert F. Wager Graduate School of Public Service, and senior author of the study. “Hospitals are noisy chaotic places, and people with hearing loss may have trouble understanding key information, such as what medicines they should take after discharge, or how they should watch for or manage exacerbation of their symptoms. This puts them at risk for difficulties after they are discharged from hospital."

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