Music can help you relax!

October 07, 2018

In years past, houses in Americas were often built with generous front porches. The front of the house was architecturally enhanced and it gave family members a pleasant place to sit down and enjoy the day. Sitting on the porch, one could feel the breezes, wave to passing neighbors, read a book, sip a drink, and listen to the birds. It was perhaps a simpler time. Today, there are less porches being built and much busier and hectic lifestyles. We have to create our own “porch time” by carving out time in our day to relax and de-stress. 

Music can play a huge part in providing respite from each day’s activities. In the past, no one had the ability to optimize listening to music the way one can achieve today. With custom fitted In Ear monitors or earphones, music can be enhanced and enjoyed while protecting hearing from volumes too loud.

On the University of Nevada, Reno, website, through their Counseling Services and Virtual Relaxation Room, there is an article entitled “Reducing Stress Through the Power of Music.” The article states that “music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and body.” It further references that researchers at Stanford University (press release 2006) have said that “listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.” Check out the article and also see the embedded links there to different types of music so you can experiment for your own pleasure.