Tinnitus and the millions affected by it!

September 17, 2018

The whole world seems to enjoy music whether it is from concerts, private listening, your favorite rock star or music blared to ease a long commute. But some days you may just want peace and quiet. For people suffering from a condition known as Tinnitus, quiet is hard to find.

From the WebMD website, an article called Ear Rings by Rod Moser, PA-C. PhD, explains Tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears” affects an estimated 35 million Americans.  He states that the causes can be many things including common medical problems, noise exposure (i.e. concerts) or even more serious health issues.   Once properly diagnosed, there are many possible solutions, including hearing aids which help mask the head noise and gives relief. 

To help avoid the difficult condition of Tinnitus, wear a custom fit ear plug for protection from loud noises potentially found in your workplace. To enjoy music, even for professional musicians, wear a custom-fit in-ear monitor for both enjoyment of music and protection from loud volume.

Check out the Moser article for further info:


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