$139.99 /set w/out membrane

$194.99 /set w/membrane

Surfing Earplugs / Swim Earplugs 

NRR of -22 to -27dB

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Protect. Enhance. Enjoy!

Prevent surfers ear from forming with custom surfing earplugs! 

Whether you love to surf, paddle board, swim, or all of the above, keeping cold, bacteria-filled water out of your ear canal is crucial for good ear health.

The Listening Stack specializes in custom molded surfing & swimming earplugs which minimize cold water from entering the bony part of your ear canal, thus preventing surfers ear. Due to our custom molding process, we can ensure a tight, comfortable seal from water & wind every time you wear them. 

Want to be able to hear while you're on the water? Try our Surf Earplugs with a waterproof membrane allowing sound, not water, to travel to your ear drum.

Optional colors available:

White, black, red, blue, yellow, green, forest green, orange, purple, pink, gray, beige, brown, Swyrl (up to three mixed colors). Click here for full list

NRR Range: Our standard Surf Earplugs are solid and block out -27 dB of sound, making them a great earplug in addition to keeping cold water out of your ear canal. If you want or need to hear while on the water a better option would be our Surf Earplugs with our hearing membrane.