Engage by Eartune

Engage by Eartune is a fully featured Bluetooth OTC hearing aid that will provide the user with excellent sound quality and clarity for perceived mild to moderate hearing loss without a prescription or necessity to visit our hearing aid center for a professional fitting. 

With a self tuning app, Bluetooth connectivity, advanced noise reduction, and many more features that will help you hear speech clarity, you'll be able to Engage sound in every situation!


· WDRC processing with directional mic array for
improved speech recognition.
· Advanced noise reduction to suppress ambient noise.
· Calls, music and podcast via Bluetooth connection.
· Hearing-test and self-fitting via iOS / Android app.
· Hearing aid control via iOS / Android app.
· Fast charging : 1-hour charging for 24-hour use.
· IP65 waterproof design ideal for use in all lifestyle.
· RIC design for Audiologist serviceability.
· Convenient charging case for up to 72 hours of use.

Engage is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2023 and this page is setup to take a fully refundable deposit to reserve your Engage OTC hearing aids at a discounted pre-order price of $999.99. The normal retail price of Engage OTC hearing aids is expected to be $1199.99. Reserve yours today and be the first to receive this amazing OTC hearing aid at a discounted price! For more information on OTC hearing aids click here.


***Engage by Eartune will most likely be available in the last quarter of 2023, this product page is for pre-order deposits (fully refundable) to reserve your Engage OTC hearing aids at a special pre-launch discount. Product description, look, color, and specifications might change once launched. OTC hearing aids are not intended to replace prescription hearing aids fit by a licensed professional. If you have a concern with your hearing health please contact us so we can schedule a free appointment to discuss the issues and see if OTC hearing aids are the right choice for you***


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