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Santa Cruz County Police & Fire Earplug Program

Over the years of fitting hearing aids I’ve found that some of the most difficult hearing losses to help are tied to occupations in loud environments. Although there are many forms of occupational hearing loss, ranging from residential construction to commercial factories, some of the most difficult hearing losses I’ve encountered have been from career law enforcement and firefighters. The constant training and preparation for worst case scenarios take a toll on your ears and we want to help!

All Santa Cruz County law enforcement (with range time requirements) and fire department (full time) employees will receive one set of custom earplugs at no charge every three years! There’s absolutely no obligation or catch, just bring in your recent pay stub or proof of employment and we’ll make your custom earplugs right away!

The Listening Stack is committed to preventing occupational hearing loss for all careers and offers a discount program for companies that want to subsidize or fully pay for custom made earplugs for their employees. If you or your company is interested in custom made ear protection for your employees, please contact Justin at (831) 498-9890 or for customized discounts and pricing.

Please bring a payroll stub or other proof of employment to receive your free set of custom earplugs. The free earplugs offered are our same-day earplugs only, no substitutions for any of our other products. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone.

(831) 498-9890

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