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Motorcycle Earplugs up to NRR of -29 dB

Custom earplugs that are specially made to fit comfortable under your helmet!

Our founder Justin Stack has been riding motorcycles for a large portion of his life and understands the hassles of standard earplugs or earphones fitting underneath a helmet. The Listening Stack offers custom earplugs and earphones that will fit comfortably under your helmet as well as protect your ears with up to -29 dB NRR (with full shell design).

Optional colors available: 

Clear, white, black, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, & royal blue.

NRR Range: Hollowed out earplugs are meant for wind buffeting and are unrated. Our solid full shell earplugs are also available in a recessed style and offer up to NRR -29 dB.

$139.99 /set Standard

$139.99 /set Full Shell NRR -29

$159.99 /set w/filter