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Best Shooter ear plugs

w/Toggle Filter ................... $159.99

One Set ........................... $129.99

If you're looking for maximum hearing protection for your ears, MAXprotect is the best option for you!

Best suited for any environment with excessive noise, MAXprotect is rated at the highest level of in-ear hearing protection for custom earplugs, NRR -29 dB. Even though some over-the-counter earplugs boast NRR levels of -33 dB, you'll only get that level if the ear plugs are inserted to the proper depth and have no gaps or leaks. The likelihood of that happening is low. 

MAXprotect is custom molded with a deep ear canal impression and will actually get you an NRR -29 dB every time you use them! This makes them much more reliable and a better option if you actually want to protect your hearing.

Optional colors available:

Clear, royal blue, fluorescent red, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, & black.

Options: Our earplugs come standard with a basic case. We also have a zipper case available.

MAXprotect Earplugs NRR of -29 dB